Blender Render Benchmark v0.2

Hello Blender users and computer enthusiasts out there, I am very sad to announce that the Blender render benchmark is closed for an indefinite time.
I am awfully sorry, but in my rare spare time I am not able to maintain the benchmark as necessary.
The results will be stay online as long as possible, if some one is interested into the whole data, send me an email and I will transmit you all data (database dump) exclusive email addresses and IP addresses of course.

cheers Jarod

download all data here (zip)

Hello, this is an nonofficial Blender render benchmark, this tableshould give you an overview, which CPU or operating system worksefficient with Blender.

You could also test your machine!
Download the test.blend and start render (hit F12).

-> Download Blender click here

-> Download test.blend click here


Bug found? please mail me at jarod {AT] eofw [dot} org

Nr. Rendertime CPU's CPU/System Frequency threads Chipset RAM OS Blender Version renderfile comment date